Basics of Potty Training

The Basics of Potty Training

Cozy Greens | 31 Jul 2018

Potty training is one of the major accomplishments of early childhood. But before your child can master it, he has to be ready. Teaching your child how to use the potty will require time and patience and motivation and cooperation from your child. Potty training is a big step for kids and parents alike. Make sure that you train your child when they are ready. The “Right time” to potty train your child varies on every child. Every child is different, so it's best not to compare your child with others. Remember, you can't force your child to use a potty. If they're not ready, you won't be able to make them use it.

A Potty Training expert, Amanda from the Potty Training Academy says that “Toilet training takes from a few weeks to a month on average to master but all children are different. Boys tend to be ever so slightly slower than girls and if your child has toilet-trained siblings they may be quicker.”  There is no right age to start potty training because every child is unique and different, but some of the parents starts as early as 18 months. Different children are ready at different ages; the timing has nothing to do with their intelligence, personality, or motivation.

When you're potty training, accidents are part of the process. Never punish your child for wetting or soiling his pants; he's just learning and can't help it. In fact, doing so might only make your little one scared of using the potty, and that, in turn, will delay the whole process even further. Instead, when your child uses the potty successfully, offer gentle praise and a reward.

Encourage your child to sit on the potty once a day whenever he’s likely to have a poo requires time, patience and the right accessories. One of the best and effective way to motivate your child is to have the right equipment to a successful potty training.

Cozy greens provide you a system that helps you and your child to be motivated and to have a successful potty training. Cozy Greens Toilet Training System is designed to make potty training go as smoothly as possible.This Toilet training system helps your child to feel encouraged, motivated, proud and confident by rewarding each effort they make.

Our Training Chart is constructed from coated paper to repel moisture and add a smooth and durable surface suitable for your bathroom.  Our colorful artwork helps your child to have fun while potty training and be more engaged in the training process. It is a tracking process and you can use it by sticking colorful star-shaped stickers on the chart and your child will be able to see their own progress, boosting their confidence, motivation and joy. To commemorate success, celebrate and reward your child’s progress by awarding them the included Official Potty Training Diploma.

Your child boost their confidence and self-esteem by learning how to go to the bathroom by themselves. It is also a helpful experience that they learn as they grow and overcome challenges that they will face in growing up. By using the Cozy Greens Potty Training System, you give your child a chance to try their best as they track their progress with fun and encouragement. The Potty Chart is a tool for your child for them to record and be reminded of their progress from diapers to independently using the toilet. Being excited on their experience to have a successful toilet training journey is a key motivator for them.

By using our Potty Training System you set yourself and your child up for success! You will have a fun way to track your child’s progress and encourage him or her to keep trying. As a bonus, we have also included a short eBook with useful tips for jumpstarting your Potty Training process.


Potty Training System Dragon Theme

Set yourself and your child up for success! By using our Cozy Greens Potty Training System you will have a fun way to track your child’s progress and encourage him or her to keep trying. Your child will have increased confidence and self-esteem.




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