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The Perfect Car Accessory for Families on the Move

Cozy Greens | 10 Nov 2018

Purchasing a quality car seat for your child is an important investment. We all know what can happen to car seats when our precious kids have spent any significant amount of time in them, it can often leave your vehicle's upholstery damaged and worn. From mud to sticky patches to food stains, the abuse our car seats endure takes its toll after a while. On top of that, child safety seats will be in your car for at least eight years, and they can cause a significant amount of compression damage to your car seats.

That’s where we come in. Cozy Greens Car Seat Protector is designed to ensure that the seats in your automobile are protected at all times. Sticky, damaged car seats, scratches, and everyday spills can be a thing of the past thanks to our Car Seat Protector. No matter if your car’s upholstery is brand new, second hand or just old, our seat protectors will compliment it anyway. As parents we are looking for a protector that do the job and works well, durable, practical, attractive and stays in place. We have put a lot of effort to create a protector that is ideal for you. The one that we want to use in our cars under our own kids’ seats.

Cozy Greens Car came up with a smart design that grows with your baby and protects your car seat for years to come. Our unique creation is compatible with most car seat brands. The back panel adjusts to fit any infant or child seat or booster for older kids with one simple fold. Our adjustable strap attaches to the headrest and secures the back panel in place, and the deep side slots accommodate belt buckles and latch anchors. The optional mesh pockets can be removed by zipper, and our unique design prevents the zipper from touching or scratching your kid’s knees and feet.

Here are a Few Reasons Why You’re Going to LOVE your Car Seat Protector:

  • Our product grows with your baby
  • Sturdy straps and textured fabric provides a tight grip and prevents sliding during driving
  • Thick padding ensures that your seats get top-notch protection
  • Superior looking materials and design complement any car interior
  • Easy to install, secure your backseat in less than 60 seconds
  • Perfectly complements the Cozy Greens Kick Mats and Backseat Mirror
  • Optional mesh pockets for an extra storage space, with smart zippered construction that protects your kid’s feet
  • Durable water-repellent material and heat resistant anti-slip backing certain to last a lifetime
  • Unlike other protectors, our unique innovative shape does not block your car seat belt buckle
  • Comes with a FREE Child Safety Vest, Seat belt Cutter, and eBook.

Your Car Seat Protector comes with no less than three FREE bonuses:

- A reflective child safety vest which you can put on your child in case of an emergency

- A Seatbelt Cutter which allows you to cut free your seatbelt in an emergency situation

- An eBook with tips & tricks on how to entertain young ones (and yourself) during long car rides.

Car Seat Protector by Cozy Greens

Enjoy your travels feeling safe and protected. Cozy Greens Car Seat Protector helps make every journey safer and more enjoyable for both parents and kids!




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