Reviewer Panel

We are now actively looking for participants in our Cozy Reviewer Panel!
Grab your spot today and help us improve beyond your expectations.

Why would you want to join? Because it’s awesome…

1) We send you coupons that allow you to buy a new product at a deep discount.

2) You write a review on your experience and get to keep the product!


How to join:

To start, log in to your Amazon account.

-Click ‘Your Orders‘ and find your order of a Cozy Greens product. Then click ‘Write a Product Review‘.

-Now, write  a product review and let us know how we did!

-Finally, send an email to REVIEWS@COZYGREENS.COM with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Amazon Reviewer Name
  • Your Amazon Order number
  • A link to the Amazon review (also known as Perma link or Direct link)


That’s it! Once we have received your email we will verify the information and add you to the Cozy Reviewer Panel.

(We desire to get your HONEST feedback, the rating you give the product has no effect on joining the Cozy Reviewer Panel)